Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!

Ok, I know that every woman out there has makeup that they use and LOVE! Mine is Arbonne, because of it’s natural properties (it TRULY is pure, safe and beneficial!) and you probably spend a pretty penny on it, as well!

Well, I was watching Rachael Ray’s show this morning, while home sick, and saw some GREAT ideas for saving those last few drops of all that wonderful makeup! Here is the link to the actual segment!

For a quick recap:

Do you have a special eyeshadow that you have a bit in the corners and sides that you aren’t ready to get rid of just yet? Well, how about scraping it all out into a jar (I envisioned a baby food jar being PERFECT and even has it’s own lid!) and adding clear polish to it to make your own polish! Crazytown that I haven’t thought of that!!! LOVE IT!

Do you have an old mascara and not ready to get rid of it, as you KNOW there’s still some good stuff down in the bottle??? These babies will allow you to dig that product right on out of there and use it as eyeliner…LOVE IT!!!

For the last that’s just as amazing as the other two: This is for all the ones with Bronzer that has broken or just at the end of it’s days…again, another baby food jar idea…bust it out, put it in a jar and add your favorite moisturizer and mix it up! Now you have a wonderful bronzing lotion that’s just the shade and shimmer that YOU love!

Ok, now aren’t these tips AWESOME?! It’s like having duel uses of your favorite makeup! GENIUS!!! Hope you all loved this as much as I did…I WILL be putting this to good use!

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