Thursday, October 4, 2012…

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It’s another sleepless morning…

W o w ! This week has been a whirlwind of fun & fear, meltdowns & mayhem! But we found THE ONE!!! Ya’ll, we cannot wait to look at it for a third time this am and then make them an offer!!! YIKES! Please pray with us that everything goes well! It’s got pretty much everything on our list, except the Quartz countertops…which I will be calling on the BEST countertop business there is…Encounters of Arkansas, Inc. So very thankful for Shawn (my brother-in-law) because I can’t do Laminate long term, outside of a rental!

God has done it again! Through all the tears and worry, I still can’t believe that we went from a list of 34 houses to the ONE! I have to say, the whole process was much easier with our WONDERFUL, AMAZING, HYSTERICAL & HONEST realtor, Jackie! She will never know how much we appreciate her, she made this process less scary, fun and calming! THANK YOU, Jackie!!! The Pottery Barn and Coach outlets (yes, there are outlets near!!!) are calling our names!!!

I have made three friends, so far…Jackie, Amy (Jason’s wife – Collin’s coworker) and Jennifer (Scotty’s wife – also a coworker of Collin’s) and on Friday I meet some more wives!!! I’ve even done some Arbonne/3 Fold Threads networking!!! ; )

I only had one meltdown yesterday…no, make that two because I talked to my sister! Feeling very happy and blessed! I’ll post pictures soon!

Love ya’ll!!!
💚 Collin & Andi

House Hunting Kentucky style…

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Ahh, here it is 5:15 am (Kentucky time) on October 2nd…room is dark & FREEZING, hubs and puppies asleep…I woke up wide awake! Ugh!

So many emotions going on right now. It’s becoming real to me that this is really happening! I’m ELATED to be on this journey of moving to a new place, where I know zilch & know no one. But it’s also been VERY hard knowing I’m about to leave everyone and everything I have ever known. Yes, I have made 1…ONE…friend, so far, but back home I have MANY friends and family!!! S C A R Y !

I have figured out my way around a bit, around the hotel. But y’all, I. Am. Lost. I can’t remember where to turn to go here or how to get back to there…thank GOD for GPS!

We finally found a house that we are in LOVE with. We even went back to it about 3-4 times just to look at it again. {Its the one I posted to Facebook} But we found out yesterday that it is no longer available. {Insert tears here!}

So, now we’re back to square one. YAY! Sunday & Monday, we drove around looking at neighborhoods we liked/didn’t like. Online there were some that looked amazing, but when we got here and found them…yeah, they were nixed…FAST! We came here with 34 houses to look at and over the course of two days, I managed to mark off half of them. 😞

I know that it will take time to adjust to the move and the upcoming changes. But I have had several meltdowns a day, realizing that I’m moving and the awesome friends and family I won’t see as often. I won’t be able to have my precious nieces & nephews over for the afternoon or evening or go over to my sisters’ houses just to see/talk to them. I won’t be able to just hop in the car and buzz over to Jennifer’s (either of you!). I won’t be able to beg and plead with Leslie to come on a road trip adventure for the day with me. I wont have an amazing family to nanny for that blesses me daily (times TWO!) I won’t be able to meet up with Devin & Amy, Nikki & Maddie, Katie, my parents, or ANY/EVERYONE for dinner on a whim.

Not seeing Arkansas stuff everywhere or see Razorbacks everywhere (as awful as they are right now, I will ALWAYS be a piggie…and you will NEVER see UK anything in my house!!!).
I have to find new doctors, new job, new friends…the list goes on…

It’s. So. Hard.

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I have a loving and supportive husband and a heavenly Father that has/will guide our steps in the direction we are supposed to go. THANK YOU, Jesus!!! He has provided sooooo much for us, so far, and I know He will continue.

Please join us in prayer for this trip to find the house/church/etc that we need (or at least be on that path!).

On a lighter note, we have KROGER and its a marketplace and its H U G E ! And by huge, I mean GINORMOUS!!! I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in a picture. And I was so excited I sent a picture of it to my parents. Haha!

Thank you for you support, love & prayers…we appreciate you!

💚 ya’ll, Collin & Andi

eating the Arbonne way…

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I have been trying to lose weight for several months now…successfully, but not as fast as I’d like!  I’m going to try a new program…the Arbonne program!  If you don’t know me well, you should know that I  L O V E  me some Arbonne!  {I actually started my own Arbonne business in 2010!}  I am wanting to start the detox FULL FORCE and see how much I can lose in the next couple of months! If any of you would like to know more about it, message me and we can chat!  I’m going to be posting recipes on here after I try them…letting you know if I {and the hubs} have enjoyed them or not!

I’m hoping that if anyone else is struggling with weightless, that this might be inspiring and encouraging, as it is providing great and helpful resources!


little rock’s fork & talk…

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Well, Saturday, Paige and I made our way over to Trio’s for the 2nd Annual Fork and Talk with As always, we got a goody bag of FREE items donated from EK Success {event sponsor}, a wonderful FREE lunch, while enjoying a fabulous time of fellowship with friends from last year and a few new ones.

While there, we got to put together one of the crafts from EK Success. {Did I mention how many FUN items we got from them…for FREE?!?!} The craft they picked for us to do is a pre-made kit for a felt/cork coaster and a coffee cup cozy. A-DOR-A-BLE!!! Seriously, loved putting it together and seeing the end project.

We also decorated our team leader’s picture, editors from – they each had a table – as creatively as possible in 5 minutes. Our wonderful waitress was actually our judge and decided which team won. {NOT MINE! HAHA!}

I love these get-togethers because you get contact information from people from all around the country that you otherwise would probably never meet. Also, we got all these wonderful items {THANK YOU, EK Success!!!} to use however we want!

As promised, here are our pictures…

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and an even better week! Within the next couple of days, I’ll be posting about the new grandbaby!!! ; ) It’s her B I G reveal! ; )


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Oh, friends!

I am beyond excited to share with you a special gift my family received two weeks ago today…

This is our sweet, little Lily!

I have been back home for two weeks and missing my hugs and luvins from my Isy and Lily!  And yes, Isy was SUPER excited about her too!

       <- Getting ready to meet her            < – READY! All changed in her “Big Sis” shirt!

And while I was there, I stayed with Meme and took her to meet the baby…she wasn’t at ALL happy about it…these pictures prove it! ; )


I don’t think it gets sweeter than this woman!  She loves her babies!

Meeting Lily for the first time ->         She loves kissing her baby! ->  

…and FINALLY, some DeeDee time!!! ; )

Oh, the smell of a baby makes me melt!  Love my babies!  Mommy, Daddy and both girls are doing wonderful!  So precious, these kids are!