we bought a zoo???

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Well, we DID IT…we bought a HOUSE!!! (Collin keeps saying we bought a zoo! HAHA!)

we bought a house!

We are beyond excited, scared, happy, nervous, sad, anxious and everything in between! It’s a HUGE step for us and completely taking us out of our comfort zones (especially me!) but we know that God is in control and guiding our steps as we go!  We cannot wait to see our three boys running around like crazies and checking everything out!  They are so stinkin cute!

Thanks for your support and see you SOON! ; )

♥ Collin & Andi

door update…

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I got a call from my AWESOME realtor, Jackie, today and they sellers agreed to replace the door!!! I’m beyond excited! That was one of my FAVORITE things (I noticed the door and the countertops — thanks, Shawn — in every house) and commented on the fact that it was the only one that I liked out of all 34 houses we looked at!

So, we are still on track for closing on December 4th!!! SO. HAPPY.

House update…

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Well, we had very minor problems from the home inspection. All of them Collin can fix. I just don’t think it’s fair for us to put in the money and effort into a house that we are buying, on problems from the previous owners! Well, they are fighting us on it…and I’m not backing down! I am having MAJOR anxiety about this, because I feel like they are taking advantage of us because we we’ve been so accommodating so far.



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Oh, friends!

I am beyond excited to share with you a special gift my family received two weeks ago today…

This is our sweet, little Lily!

I have been back home for two weeks and missing my hugs and luvins from my Isy and Lily!  And yes, Isy was SUPER excited about her too!

       <- Getting ready to meet her            < – READY! All changed in her “Big Sis” shirt!

And while I was there, I stayed with Meme and took her to meet the baby…she wasn’t at ALL happy about it…these pictures prove it! ; )


I don’t think it gets sweeter than this woman!  She loves her babies!

Meeting Lily for the first time ->         She loves kissing her baby! ->  

…and FINALLY, some DeeDee time!!! ; )

Oh, the smell of a baby makes me melt!  Love my babies!  Mommy, Daddy and both girls are doing wonderful!  So precious, these kids are!