Thursday, October 4, 2012…

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It’s another sleepless morning…

W o w ! This week has been a whirlwind of fun & fear, meltdowns & mayhem! But we found THE ONE!!! Ya’ll, we cannot wait to look at it for a third time this am and then make them an offer!!! YIKES! Please pray with us that everything goes well! It’s got pretty much everything on our list, except the Quartz countertops…which I will be calling on the BEST countertop business there is…Encounters of Arkansas, Inc. So very thankful for Shawn (my brother-in-law) because I can’t do Laminate long term, outside of a rental!

God has done it again! Through all the tears and worry, I still can’t believe that we went from a list of 34 houses to the ONE! I have to say, the whole process was much easier with our WONDERFUL, AMAZING, HYSTERICAL & HONEST realtor, Jackie! She will never know how much we appreciate her, she made this process less scary, fun and calming! THANK YOU, Jackie!!! The Pottery Barn and Coach outlets (yes, there are outlets near!!!) are calling our names!!!

I have made three friends, so far…Jackie, Amy (Jason’s wife – Collin’s coworker) and Jennifer (Scotty’s wife – also a coworker of Collin’s) and on Friday I meet some more wives!!! I’ve even done some Arbonne/3 Fold Threads networking!!! ; )

I only had one meltdown yesterday…no, make that two because I talked to my sister! Feeling very happy and blessed! I’ll post pictures soon!

Love ya’ll!!!
💚 Collin & Andi

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