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Oh, friends!

I am beyond excited to share with you a special gift my family received two weeks ago today…

This is our sweet, little Lily!

I have been back home for two weeks and missing my hugs and luvins from my Isy and Lily!  And yes, Isy was SUPER excited about her too!

       <- Getting ready to meet her            < – READY! All changed in her “Big Sis” shirt!

And while I was there, I stayed with Meme and took her to meet the baby…she wasn’t at ALL happy about it…these pictures prove it! ; )


I don’t think it gets sweeter than this woman!  She loves her babies!

Meeting Lily for the first time ->         She loves kissing her baby! ->  

…and FINALLY, some DeeDee time!!! ; )

Oh, the smell of a baby makes me melt!  Love my babies!  Mommy, Daddy and both girls are doing wonderful!  So precious, these kids are!

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