100th Day of School!

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My big girls {6yo & 10yo} had their 100th Day of School Celebration today! E decided, being 10yo and all, she wanted to go big girl on me and just make a shirt. So she wrote her name 100 times on it.


L wanted to go all out and dress up like a 100yo old lady!

L told one of her teachers that she “looked like her because she was dressed like an old lady!” I was told, by said teacher, in the pick-up line. I was mortified, but the teacher was SUPER sweet about it. She said it was “her BEST 100th Day of School” because of L! My babies are loved! That makes my mama heart feel happy!

But seriously, HOW PRECIOUS are these mermaids?! 😍 #AllTheHappyFeels


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Do you start your new year with a word?

For instance, something that you want to stand for, your meaning for the whole year?

Maybe it’s for you,
for your family,
or even your business,
but something that you look to
for the upcoming year?

I’m starting this for our family.

This year, 2018, is the year for
for the our family!

I have been drawn to this word, for a while.

I want us to find
in all areas of our lives.

in the triumphs & happy moments.

in the failures & sad moments.

in the BIG & POWERFUL moments.

in the PRIVATE & PERSONAL moments.

Here are some pictures I found when trying to lead into 2018 & our new word

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, if you and your family do this, drop your word below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼!
I want to hear!
I want to share in the celebration with you.

Share in your
in your special word and year!

we bought a zoo???

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Well, we DID IT…we bought a HOUSE!!! (Collin keeps saying we bought a zoo! HAHA!)

we bought a house!

We are beyond excited, scared, happy, nervous, sad, anxious and everything in between! It’s a HUGE step for us and completely taking us out of our comfort zones (especially me!) but we know that God is in control and guiding our steps as we go!  We cannot wait to see our three boys running around like crazies and checking everything out!  They are so stinkin cute!

Thanks for your support and see you SOON! ; )

♥ Collin & Andi

door update…

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I got a call from my AWESOME realtor, Jackie, today and they sellers agreed to replace the door!!! I’m beyond excited! That was one of my FAVORITE things (I noticed the door and the countertops — thanks, Shawn — in every house) and commented on the fact that it was the only one that I liked out of all 34 houses we looked at!

So, we are still on track for closing on December 4th!!! SO. HAPPY.

House update…

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Well, we had very minor problems from the home inspection. All of them Collin can fix. I just don’t think it’s fair for us to put in the money and effort into a house that we are buying, on problems from the previous owners! Well, they are fighting us on it…and I’m not backing down! I am having MAJOR anxiety about this, because I feel like they are taking advantage of us because we we’ve been so accommodating so far.


Cheddar-Ale Soup…

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Friends and family,

I made the most AMAZING potato soup tonight!  Yes, it’s made with beer, but it cooks out…but it’s got the most amazing flavor!!! It’s Cheddar-Ale Soup and quick, easy and fairly inexpensive to make!  Supposed to feed 6-8, but I added an extra bag of potatoes, so mine feeds a not-so-small army! ; )

What are some soups that you all like to make when it starts getting chilly outside? Do you have any family recipes you’d like to share?

Baja Butternut Squash Soup…

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So, after a week of eating nothing but CRAP fastfood, I decided to look up a variety of healthy somethings to eat.  Since we’re getting a few days of cooler weather, I searched for some yummy soups…

Tonight, I made Baja Butternut Squash Soup and all I have to say is Y U M ! Even the hubs liked it!  It’s easy to make, tasty and VERY filling…I couldn’t even finish my serving!  I also added some grilled chicken in it for added protein.  Each serving is about 60 cals and not much more past that!

Ya’ll should try it…besides, what’s more comforting in cold weather than soup?

October 5, 2012…

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We had not heard anything from our wonderful realtor, Jackie, so I texted her.  Little did I know she was already one step ahead of me and contacting the seller’s realtor.

Finally reached an agreement with the sellers…providing everything goes well, Collin & I will be HOME OWNERS!!!

Here are some of the videos that we took of the house…virtual tour?!?! Sorry for all of the convos in the background!

Sappy Note:

We just want to thank you all for loving and supporting us through this journey!  It’s been scary and exciting, sad and happy…but we have each other, our boys, you guys and most of all our loving Heavenly Father!  Love you guys!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012…

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It’s another sleepless morning…

W o w ! This week has been a whirlwind of fun & fear, meltdowns & mayhem! But we found THE ONE!!! Ya’ll, we cannot wait to look at it for a third time this am and then make them an offer!!! YIKES! Please pray with us that everything goes well! It’s got pretty much everything on our list, except the Quartz countertops…which I will be calling on the BEST countertop business there is…Encounters of Arkansas, Inc. So very thankful for Shawn (my brother-in-law) because I can’t do Laminate long term, outside of a rental!

God has done it again! Through all the tears and worry, I still can’t believe that we went from a list of 34 houses to the ONE! I have to say, the whole process was much easier with our WONDERFUL, AMAZING, HYSTERICAL & HONEST realtor, Jackie! She will never know how much we appreciate her, she made this process less scary, fun and calming! THANK YOU, Jackie!!! The Pottery Barn and Coach outlets (yes, there are outlets near!!!) are calling our names!!!

I have made three friends, so far…Jackie, Amy (Jason’s wife – Collin’s coworker) and Jennifer (Scotty’s wife – also a coworker of Collin’s) and on Friday I meet some more wives!!! I’ve even done some Arbonne/3 Fold Threads networking!!! ; )

I only had one meltdown yesterday…no, make that two because I talked to my sister! Feeling very happy and blessed! I’ll post pictures soon!

Love ya’ll!!!
💚 Collin & Andi